About Us

Chhoti Si Asha is a social enterprise that works to build sustainable livelihoods for underprivileged children and women in the slum communities of Chandigarh, India.

Founded in 2006, today Chhoti Si Asha runs two main programs, The Janta Colony Library, an educational program cum library and the Stitch-a-Living livelihoods program for women and underprivileged youth.

At Chhoti Si Asha, our endeavour is to work with the community, as opposed to working for them – and therefore love, acceptance and collective participation form the cornerstone of our endeavor.

Our roadmap is shaped by the needs of the community we work with and our programs are created with the support of the local community.

  • To learn more about how Chhoti Si Asha came to be, read our story.
  • On this page you will also find information about past projects

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