Janta Colony Library and Educational Center


Chhoti Si Asha operates a library and educational center in Janta Colony, a slum community located on the outskirts of Chandigarh. Here, most of the children have access to dismal educational opportunities. Further with a majority of uneducated parents, the children often have a difficulty navigating the educational world.


At the library, the children have an opportunity to      engage with educational toys and tools.

Therefore, we started this program in order to equip children with the skills of logic, comprehension and creativity.

We aim to provide children with the skills of logic and communication to identify and understand the multiple realities that exist in this world; realize choices available to them and make informed decisions to become positively contributing members of the global society.

The Center runs regular tutoring sessions with a focus on English, Hindi and Math. We run additional sessions on the weekend including storytelling, arts and crafts, and leadership building sessions.

We have an eclectic collection of books. We lend books both in Hindi and English to any interested community member. Through our book lending process, children are also learning to take collective and individual responsibility, as they maintain the books in the library as well as at home.

          On weekends and holidays, we encourage the children to work on plays and dances.


A story telling session with the children presenting their final stories with puppets and all!


Learning through art- our children engage in a number of different activities.


Rohith learns about the concept of a unit and measurement through one of our hands-on activities!