We at Chhoti Si Asha make handbags to change lives. Our vision is not to just give employment to the underprivileged women living in slums communities but to equip women with the skills to make holistic changes in the lives of our women and their families. We teach and practice various “Life Management Skills” with the women through applications engrained in our daily functioning. These skills include teamwork, conflict management, fairness and positively contributing to their community.

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The Stitch-a-Living project that started as an experiment in 2007, has today reached a level where we have not only made significant improvements on our bags in terms of design, quality, and techniques. Today, the core team of the Stitch-a-Living program not only manages the day-to-day functioning of the workshop independently without the need of a supervisor but is also an integral part of our design team. The existing core team is also majorly responsible for the training of new team members.

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At Chhoti Si Asha, we practice something called “Dynamic Designing”.

What does Dynamic Design entail?

Dynamic Design is actually just the evolution of a singular design. For example, as the women stitch the bag, the customers use the bag, and as styles change, parts of the design will change, but the foundation will stay the same. Many of our products from our fashion line are results of the Dynamic Designing process.

At Stitch-a-Living, we have two main product lines, a corporate merchandise line and a fashion line. The corporate merchandise line has primarily jute and canvas bags designed for conferences and events. While the fashion line features our beautiful bags for parties as well as everyday use.