Come meet us today! Volunteer with us, Mentor a Child, Take workshop or just come and be a part of the big Chhoti Si Asha family.

We are seeking motivated and dynamic individuals to join our team. We are working hard to ensure regular employment and sustainable livelihood for women from low income households. We also conduct regular workshops and training sessions to create new  products that perfectly blend their artistic capabilities and contemporary fashion. We also work with Children under Project Badlaav.

You can engage with Chhoti Si Asha as a volunteer or an Intern. We need self-motivated individuals who understand our cause and want to work persistently to bring a change. Please write to us and we will get back to you.

Wish to Engage with Us? Here’s How:

 Stitch-a-Living Program:

  1. Any event coming up? Weddings, parties, conferences! We can create a personalized token for you to give to your guests. Work with us and we’ll make the bag of your dreams! We have previously taken orders for weddings, parties and conferences.

  2. Know of any stores that would be a good fit for our bags? Help us establish market linkages with these stores!



Project Badlaav : Educational Program:

  1. Used books, games and puzzles at home? Donate them to us!

  2. Volunteer your time! Come hang out in the library with the kid and share a story or a skill!

  3. Wish to monetarily support a good cause? Sponsor a teacher for the library (6,000 Rs. Per month) or sponsor an outing for the children of the library.

Tel: +91-98724-69046,


House no 30, KhudaLahora, OppositeGuga Mani Mandir,Chandigarh, India - 160014


Please contact us for any Customer Queries, Collaborations and Corporate Gifting Related Queries. All details are given below. Feel free to give us feedback on our products and processes.


House no 30, Khuda
Lahora, Opposite
Guga Mani Mandir,

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